Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Season 11 Episode 6

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On for-queen-and-country Top Gear, we tried not to lose on penalties in a massive motoring shootout against the Germans. James drove a couple of oddball cars from Japanese motoring-misfit Mitsuoka. And, Hammond sampled the raw power of the world’s ugliest supercar.
Our old friend Sabine Schmitz has recently been on television presenting a sort of German [...]

Season 11 Episode 4

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On domo-arigato-Mr-Roboto Top Gear, the presenters jetted off to Japan for the latest of our world-renowned epic races, Jeremy took a rolling art exhibit for a spin on the test track, and a pair of newsreaders drove our reasonably priced car.
In creating the 193mph GT-R, Nissan has gone to extraordinary lengths. For example, to ensure [...]

Season 11 Episode 1

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The intrepid trio are tasked with finding better vehicles for the Police than the Astra. After spending their allotted cash, they are required to complete certain Police tasks (clearing a crash scene and stopping a fleeing vehicle) against which they are rated. Jeremy takes a spin in a Ferrari Scuderia.
Challenge: £1000 Police Car Challenge. TG [...]