Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Season 3 Episode 8

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On festive Top Gear, Richard messed about in a £38 million private jet. Jeremy was in SW18 drooling over a Mercedes SL.
For classic car lovers, there are few more perilous places to drive than the Wandsworth one-way system. It’s not just the horrid traffic and buses, this danger is financial. It’s a classic car garage [...]

Season 1 Episode 8

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Michael Gambon nearly rolls our reasonably priced car and renames a corner on the TG track as a result. Lotus builds a Lada, Richard drives some hottish minis and a Maserati gets Stigged.
Challenge: Lada Riva modified by Lotus. Fastest white van man.
First shown on: 08/12/2002
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