Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Season 6 Episode 2

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The challenge this week is to buy a coupé that is not a Porsche for a maximum price of £1,500. Richard buys a BMW 635i, Jeremy a Mitsubishi Starion and James bought a “grandfather clock”. Or the Jaguar XJS as it was better-known. Jeremy drives the new supercar from Maserati, the MC12 and Jack Dee [...]

Season 4 Episode 6

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Richard finds out whether you can run a car on human excrement, James drives a modernised Jaguar XJS and Jeremy confuses the good folk of Tunbridge Wells with an imported Nissan.
Challenge: Can you run a car on poo? Hammond investigates.
First shown on: 13/06/2004
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Season 2 Episode 3

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Next, bad cars. We used to rely on Wartburgs and Polski-Fiats, but now we have the Audi A2, a car that’s too tall, has narrow windows and shakes when you switch on the wipers. Then there’s the Ford Fusion, based on a Fiesta, but you pay that bit more to sit a bit higher. We [...]

Season 1 Episode 9

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On a family-friendly Top Gear, we picked the ultimate family car, a celebrity chef was in our reasonably priced car, and the Stig met his match on the Top Gear test track.
As parents buy even more ridiculously large vehicles to chauffeur their tots to playgroup, we decided to find the best one out there. The [...]