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Season 14 Episode 3

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Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond debate which company has made the greatest number of exceptional vehicles, and James May finds a way of transporting caravans to campsites without inconveniencing other road users. The Top Gear track plays host to a replica of one of the world’s most famous rally cars, and Radio 2 DJ Chris [...]

Season 11 Episode 5

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Legendary episode that reveals two surprising facts – you can foxhunt in cars and Richard Hammond is unexpectedly proficient on a horse. Also features a couple of massive classics.
Challenge: Classic luxury limousines: Mercedes-Benz 600 vs Rolls-Royce Corniche. Daihatsu Terios Fox hunting challenge.
First shown on: 20/07/2008
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Season 8 Episode 2

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The Yorkshire Dales is the setting for a contest between the Jaguar XK, the BMW650i and the Mercedes SL350, while a rally car and a jet-powered kayak compete on the surface of a frozen lake. The team hijack a drive time radio show in Brighton, and Gordon Ramsay is the latest Star in a Reasonably [...]

Season 6 Episode 9

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On make-a-U-turn-where-possible Top Gear, we sent Richard and James out to earn a real living, and Clarkson got to grips with the world’s worst sat-nav.
The BMW M5 had a 500bhp V10 engine and performance to shame most supercars. Sadly, it also proved itself to have one of the world’s most useless on-board computers. The sat-nav [...]

Season 6 Episode 3

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Jeremy recreates Keith Moon’s finest hour, James drives the Maserati Bora, Richard takes a golden retriever to Wales, and the really weird Weismann MF3 takes on the TVR Tuscan.
Challenge: Clarkson opens a public pool in a Rolls-Royce.
First shown on: 12/06/2005
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Season 4 Episode 10

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We build a big ramp and test cars from various nations to see who can jump the furthest. Richard uses a dull Peugeot as a pace car and James buys a sofa. Partick Kielty is our guest.
Challenge: Hammond drives the Peugeot 407 as a pace car. Car Olympics: long jump.
First shown on: 01/08/2004
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