Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Season 4 Episode 8

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Top Gear Series 4 Episode 8

On a fly-like-a-bird Top Gear, we abused a jet engine and 2CV, Jeremy took the Ford GT for a spin, and James went for a ride on a nimble mountain goat.

So you want a saloon car with good looks and an executive feel, but the performance of a racing supercar when you get out of the city. Well, enter the Maserati quattroporte. Sounds exciting? Actually it just means ‘four-door’. To make this car even slightly interesting, it needs to be taken to a mountain or very bendy road.

Martin Clunes came round to show us his lead foot.

It does 575mph, can carry 386 people, and there’s enough room on its wings to park 45 cars. What are we on about? The Boeing 747. ‘But,’ we hear you ask, ‘how does that make my evening any more interesting?’ The answer doesn’t have much to do with flying, but it does involve breaking some stuff – specifically, a Citroen 2CV and Ford Mondeo. Our mission: to see if our two hapless automotive volunteers could survive a drive through the jet exhaust.

Jeremy took the latest Ford GT production model out for a spin and, more importantly, so did the Stig.

There are two things that are absolutely guaranteed to rattle the chains of good drivers. The first: idiots who drive along in the middle lane in an ignorant haze of poor driving skills. Second: people who drive into yellow box junctions when they aren’t turning right and just stop, as if they’re waiting for the second coming. The best way to punish the latter is to embarrass them. Armed with a couple of placards, some cheerleaders, and a couple of ‘yellow box bears’, we did just that.

Challenge: Diesel versus Petrol hot hatch race. Blowing over cars using Boeing 747 jetblast.

First shown on: 18/07/2004

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