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Season 10 Episode 2

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Top Gear Series 10 Episode 2

A drowning-not-waving Top Gear saw the magnificent return of the homemade amphibious cars, Jeremy sampled a new Audi that’s set to shake up the supercar establishment, and a music legend became a star in a reasonably priced car.

A while ago we set our presenters the challenge of making their own fully functioning amphibious cars. As you may remember, it didn’t go well. The machines overheated on the road and mostly sank when introduced to water.

But Top Gear has never been a programme to let incompetence get in the way of a good idea, so we decided they should learn from their mistakes and have another go. However, this time we raised the bar and all three had to drive their cars to Dover and cross the Channel. Yes, really.

The drive was another festival of overheating and carbon monoxide poisoning, but all three made it to Dover without any serious problems. The next morning, James was the first to try his luck on water. A rescue boat was called out almost immediately and shortly afterwards the car sank.

Richard’s craft fared a little better, but as soon as it made open water it too headed for Davy Jones’s locker. Finally, with all three presenters aboard Jeremy’s pick-up, the good ship Top Gear made it out of the harbour and into the Channel.

Several hours later – and much to everyone’s amazement – the French town of Sangatte was the recipient of three illegal immigrants and their slightly shoddy amphibious car.

Porsche has had the market for everyday supercars pretty much sown up since the 911 came on the scene in the early 1960s. But now Audi has waded into battle with its new R8, and things are no longer so clear cut.

Jeremy was completely sold on the Audi. But to settle the argument, Richard lined up in his own Porsche 911 for a quarter-mile drag race.

Rhythm-and-blues maestro Jools Holland also turned up to talk cars with Jeremy and thrash our Chevrolet Lacetti around the test track.

Challenge: Amphibious Cars Challenge II: Crossing the Channel.

First shown on: 14/10/2007

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